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The ultimate escape for couples for a special and memorable night. Perfect for couples celebrating a special occasion in New York NYC

Happy couple having a steam bath in a sauna, The ultimate escape for couples for a special and memorable night. Perfect for couples celebrating a special occasion in New York NYC

Historically, saunas have a long tradition. Saunas are common not only in Asia, but also in many Eastern European countries. In some countries, such as Finland, you can see that almost every home is equipped with sauna facilities for relaxation and detoxification. It is said that exercise performance can be maximized by increasing the central temperature for a short time using a sauna. She calls this concept “hyperthermic conditioning,” and a new study has shown that it can have a number of positive effects on the body, from increased endurance to new brain cell growth.

The sauna is used not only by more and more athletes, but also by the general public for relaxation after intense exercise. The Sauna (SAUNA) is one of the long-standing traditions of Finns that has been passed down since 2000, when it first started in the Kalenluya region of Finland. It is known that the effectiveness of the sauna is excellent and is now enjoyed by people all over the world.

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Recently, according to the trend of well-being that protects physical health and pursues happiness through mental relaxation, massage along with meditation or yoga is attracting attention as a new trend.

Massage experts insist that massage not only has a cosmetic effect, but is also effective for back and shoulder pain, muscle infarction, headache, indigestion, and even diseases such as depression, schizophrenia, diabetes and arthritis. This is a side effect of relieving stress and gaining psychological stability through massage.

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Massage is acknowledged to relax muscles and promote blood circulation, eliminating toxins that have accumulated in body tissues.

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Romantic Couple Spa & Massage in New York – Experience the charm and beauty of New York’s famous Korean Town from the premier New York spa services. The Juvenex Spa features recently redesigned spa room and provide a luxurious resort-style spa, massage, body scrub and a full-service spa. The perfect location makes us an ideal choice for exploring New York City and nearby Empire state building and Korean town

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